Golf course

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Course description

Since it opened in 1988, Bitche Golf Course has provided endless fun and entertaining challenges to golfers of all levels.

Nestled on the slopes of the Grand Kindelberg, in the shadow of Bitche’s impressive Citadel, its 27 holes stretch over 70 hectares of beautiful forestland.

Constructed on the grès des Vosges, the sandstone hills between Metz and Strasbourg, Bitche Golf course is playable year round. Its long par 4s and par 5s, exposed to the hilltop winds, offer great golf challenges for the beginner and the skilled player alike.

The course designers Adam and Formanger have decorated the course with water hazards and elevated tee boxes to compliment the contours of the terrain.

Course map

Course of Golf de Bitche

Course details

Albatros (A+B) Citadelle (C+B) Ecureuil (C+A) Genêts (C+C)
6169 meters 5528 meters 5527 meters 4886 meters
Par 73 Par 70 Par 71 Par 68
R1: Slope 143 R1: Slope 133 R1: Slope 135 R1: Slope 125
R2: Slope 143 R2: Slope 130 R2: Slope 129 R2: Slope 116
R3: Slope 136 R3: Slope 126 R3: Slope 123 R3: Slope 113
R4: Slope 133 R4: Slope 123 R4: Slope 120 R4: Slope 111